Voice Dialogue Process

Norie Huddle is an Advanced Practitioner of the Voice Dialogue Process which she has taught and practiced internationally for over 15 years. In her work, Norie also draws on over 45 years experience as a professional interviewer and instructor of deep listening.

The Voice Dialogue Process

The Voice Dialogue Process is a gentle and respectful psycho-therapeutic process created by Jungian psychologists Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone. The Stones discovered that we all have within us an infinite number of 'Voices' or 'Sub-personalities'. This is normal.

Each 'Voice' has its own perspectives, values and agendas - which often conflict with those of the other Voices. This jumble of different perspectives, values and agendas is what leads us to experience confusion, unhappiness and a lack of clear direction in life. We feel pulled in many different directions but we don't know why or how to change this. The Voice Dialogue Process is a brilliant mapping system and process for enabling a rebalancing and integration of the Voices.

The Mapping System & How The Work Is Done

Origin of the different Voices: We are born into this world utterly vulnerable and dependent on others. Our inner Voices quickly develop in response to interactions with those around us - our primary care givers (parents, older siblings, etc.) Each Voice has the 'job' of protecting the Vulnerable Child within us, our original state at birth. Thus, from the time we're born, our interactions with those close to us shape the development, perspectives, and strength of our many inner Voices.

Opposing Voices: Each voice has an opposite Voice, e.g., the Pleaser and the Rebel. The Pleaser wants to please everyone; the Rebel doesn't care how anyone feels. And both Voices are doing what they do in order to protect the Vulnerable Child within. Where problems arise for us is when one Voice becomes very strong and its opposite Voice is suppressed. The strong Voice is very judgmental of its opposite Voice. When the weaker Voice is suppressed so deeply that it exists outside of our conscious awareness, that Voice can go 'demonic' - creating anxiety, confusion and even physical, mental or emotional illness in us.

The Voice Dialogue Process first helps us identify which Voices are out of balance - too strong and too weak - and what drives them. Once the Voices are listened to deeply and respectfully, they naturally rebalance to coexist in a healthy way.

The ‘Physics’ of Relationships: The Voices also impact profoundly our relationships with others. There seems to be an inexorable 'law' similar to the laws of Physics that attracts to us people who can help us come to wholeness, balancing and integrating our own inner Voices. Specifically, we attract into our lives people whom we find difficult or impossible to be around - again and again, until our own inner Voices are balanced and integrated. Once we learn how the system of voices works, however, we shift from being reactive to such people and instead, we learn how to learn from and use our reactions to grow in a highly constructive way.

In short, Voice Dialogue work gives us a powerful and revealing new map and set of tools for engaging effectively both with inner conflicts as well as with difficult inter-personal dynamics.


In a Voice Dialogue session, Norie helps clients resolve traumas and clear up inner conflicts between different Voices that have conflicting needs and agendas. The work helps clients clear out stressful and destructive belief systems, dysfunctional personal and interpersonal dynamics, chronic nightmares, PTSD and other issues.

What do clients achieve?

Clients learn how to listen and embrace the wisdom offered by their different Voices, often updating a Voice's agenda, perspectives and strategies. After all, what worked well for us (to make us feel secure) when we were babies may no longer serve us. or be counterproductive, when we are 40, 50 or 60.

Through this pleasant and highly engaging process of self-discovery and review of specific inner Voices, clients quickly gain a highly functional and resourceful 'map' they can use on their own to examine and constructively resolve all sorts of inner conflicts and confusions, as well as a wide variety of relationship issues.

Surprisingly, the Voice Dialogue Process can often help a client transform the counter-productive dynamics of a relationship without work being done with the other person. The Client's growth in awareness and insights gained from the work quite naturally transforms relationships, often in surprising and delightful ways.

By clearing out old patterns and perspectives and by gaining the use of effective problem-solving tools for both inner and interpersonal issues, our 'mind chatter' is naturally quieted. This helps improve our inner peace and well-being and our meditation practices, while also igniting our creativity

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please contact Norie Huddle at noriehuddle7@gmail.com.


More in-depth training for Individuals and groups can be scheduled in Ecuador at the Garden of Paradise Healing and Retreat Center or at the location of your choice.


Sessions with Norie usually last approximately one hour and cost $80 / hour. If you decide that you wish a longer session, the final cost will be based on the actual length of the session.

Please note: Voice Dialogue sessions are also done very effectively via Skype in the privacy of your own environment. Payments can be made by PayPal or other arrangement.