Room & Board & Facilities


Room & Board

We offer both short and long-term stays in Café Cosmos, our 3-room B&B. In addition to your private room with its private bathroom, you have full access to the public areas, indoors and out. This includes the kitchen where you may opt to prepare some or all of your own meals.

Description of Café Cosmos is below, with a link to more photos.

Short term stays

The nightly room rate is $49 for one person and $19 for each additional person. This includes a delicious homemade breakfast.

If you wish for us to prepare other meals for you in addition to breakfast, please let us know in advance. Also, please tell us in advance if you have any dietary restrictions and food preferences. All our produce is organically grown and fresh.

Rather than give you a bill for each meal, we‘ll simply keep a record of meals for you to initial at each meal, itemizing the cost as we go. We’ll present you with the total at the end of your stay or, if you’re staying for more than a week, we’ll settle up at the end of each week.

Longer term stays

Weekly rate - $200.00 for one, $80 for each additional person sharing a room

Monthly rate - $800.00 for one, $200 for each additional person sharing a room.

These prices do not include breakfast or other meals, although you can arrange with us to prepare some or all of your meals for you. Please let us know in advance any dietary restrictions you might have, as well as food preferences.

Prices for meals are approximately $10-$15 per meal, occasionally higher depending on the cost of ingredients and complexity of preparation. We’ll let you know ahead of time if a meal will cost more. All produce from our farm is organic, fresh from our gardens. We use high-quality, healthy ingredients in every meal we prepare.

Rather than give you a bill for each meal, we will keep a list for you to initial each meal & its cost. We ask for meals to be paid up at the end of each week.

If you plan to stay for more than two months, we require a security deposit that you can apply toward paying your final month’s rent. We ask that you please give us a 30-days notice that you will be leaving so that we can let others know the room will be available.

About Café Cosmos

On the second floor of Café Cosmos are three lovely bedrooms. Each has a large queen-sized bed that comfortably sleeps two, and a private bathroom with shower, sink & toilet. These bedrooms share the use of the rest of Café Cosmos - a large, elegant living room on the second floor, the kitchen, the terraces and the large room on the first floor.

The kitchen is equipped with stove & refrigerator, as well as pots & pans, plates & cups & utensils. There’s a blender and an Ecuadorian-style coffee maker. We request that you keep all food put away so as not to attract unwelcome ‘critters’. We’ll give you ‘the tour’.

Next to the kitchen, also on the first floor is a large, comfortably furnished multi-purpose space. Just off this main room are two bathrooms (toilet and sink).

Please click here to view photos of Café Cosmos.

You’re invited to pick seasonal fruits and vegetables from our gardens for your personal consumption at $1/day per person. In season, we also have for sale our delicious organic coffee and organic brown sugar (‘panela’) or ‘miel de la caña (cane sugar syrup) from our gardens, plus a few other basic supplies.

We have a washing machine and clothes line that you may use. We ask you to pay $2 per load, if you supply your own soap. This is for our fund for machine repairs and eventual replacement. If we supply the laundry soap, please add $1 per load.  You can also have your laundry done in town, if you prefer. Because of the low humidity, laundry dries rapidly on the clothes line - and smells great!

Healing Sessions & Classes - by arrangement

If you’re interested in scheduling a Special Retreat, with your selection of healing work and/or special workshops / classes with us, please click here for more information.

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