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On a misty morning in the Garden of Paradise....

Retreats in the Garden of Paradise are for individuals and small groups who want a private, beautiful place in which to relax and renew themselves deeply.

For a list of special classes & activities we can offer you, please click here. 

We also invite group leaders and organizers to offer your events here as well. To contact us about this, please click here.

The Garden of Paradise is a truly wonderful place to become profoundly relaxed and rejuvenated. Here, you can take a deep breath - many deep breaths - of truly clean air, slow down and reconnect with Nature and with yourself.

The equal–length days and nights and even temperatures of 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit are calming, softening and settling to your Spirit. 

Your time will truly be your own - to think about your life...where you’ve been...where you are...and where you choose to go from here.

Catch up on sleep and just ‘be’. 

Read and journal, sing and play music, dance or do yoga, paint, take photos - it’s a photo-paradise here.

Enjoy long rambling walks in Nature - including a walk to the place where we drew the line:  the site where we launched our successful lawsuit (world’s first) defending the Rights of Nature.

Hire a guide and climb to the top of the mountain. The views are spectacular!

Or just sit out on the balcony and watch the day change, the brigade of dragonflies swooping throughout the valley. Thousands of fireflies flashing under the stars, while you listen to the river flowing past.

Settle deeply into your Soul.

Welcome Home!

Health services & classes are available upon request

Take advantage of the health services we offer, especially Rolfing® and Voice Dialogue sessions. 

Or arrange to do a class with us. Click here to let us know what your interests are and we'll do our best to line up the resources to support you.

In the Garden of Paradise, YOU are in charge of what YOU want to do.

In the mornings, you can awaken to the beautiful sounds of the many song birds here and smell the sweet cool air. Or just sleep in, if you want.

The days are constantly changing, lights and shadows, as the Earth spins toward the east. Clouds, rainbows during the rainy season, several visits a week from the little grey foxes who come to us for bananas. A wonderful variety of birds and butterflies.

At night, the fireflies dance with the stars. The air is clean and oh-so-sweet. Often there’s the fragrance of orange, lemon, lime, jasmine...or even coffee blossoms.

Did you know that coffee blossoms smell like night-blooming jasmine?!

Here in the evening in the Garden of Paradise, you’re in for a truly special treat - something we think you’ll never forget! For just a few minutes, not long after 6pm most evenings, you can see the amazing ‘Sol del Venado’ (Sun of the Deer) - or, what we call ‘the Magic Mountain Effect’: