The Voice Dialog Process


Developed in the early 1970s by Jungian psychologists Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, the Voice Dialogue Process is a methodology is based on the theoretical model that each of us carries an infinite number of sub-personalities or “Voices” within us.  Each Voice holds very distinct energies and has distinct needs.  Each Voice also has its opposite:  The Achiever is the opposite of the Beach Bum; the Pleaser is the opposite of the Rebel.  And so on.  However, every Voice has the same “job”:  to protect the Vulnerable Child within each one of us, which was our primary identity when we were born naked and defenseless into this physical world. 

The Voice Dialogue Process offers a highly effective psycho-spiritual framework and set of interactive processes for working with the myriad sub-personalities we each have  within us.  The Voice Dialogue framework gives us a life-changing and empowering understanding of who we are, what our true needs are, how to unhook from outmoded and counterproductive patterns of energy and behavior, and how to handle relationship challenges effectively—all in a remarkably rapid and enjoyable way. 

Learning to use the “map” of the Voice Dialogue Process helps us understand the world of inner dynamics and interpersonal dynamics in an enormously empowering way—a way that helps us move out of judgment and into compassion and appreciation—both of ourselves and others.  We quickly learn how to identify which of our voices is “running the show” and which are being suppressed.  By learning to manage more consciously our “internal dialogues”, we are able to come to far greater clarity about what we truly need and want.  And by consciously listening for the voices who are “running the show” in other people, we are empowered to communicate more effectively with others to co-create win-win situations.  We learn how to do these things as much with our energy as with the actual language we use.

Our many different Voices were “born” in response to the specific experiences, usually early in our lives, in relation to our primary care givers.  And, again, each Voice came into being to protect the vulnerable child within us.  When any given Voice becomes very strong, its opposite tends to be perceived as “dangerous” by the strong Voice. So, for example, when a person has a very strong Pleaser Voice, the Rebel Voice is seen as “dangerous” and typically is suppressed.  If a Voice is suppressed far enough out of our conscious awareness, it can go “demonic” and create illness—mental, emotional or physical.

Each Voice has a very distinct way of expressing itself through us to get its needs met—ways which can become outmoded and imbalanced as we grow older.  What worked as a marvelous Please when we were two may be highly counterproductive when we are 30 or 50.  Each Voice has important energies to contribute to the full expression, the wholeness of who we are.  By learning to re-engage with suppressed Voices and helping them find appropriate forms of expression, we can achieve new levels of health and well-being.  And by reviewing the ways in which different Voices are expressing their needs and attempting to make us secure, we can revise our strategies to be far effective.

As an Advanced Voice Dialogue Practitioner, Norie works with clients to help them to experience the rich opportunity for new understandings offered by the Voice Dialogue “map” of emotional and inter-personal reality.  Specifically, she supports her Clients in unhooking from or rebalancing certain Voices that have been “running the show” at the expense of other suppressed Voices—in the process coming to understand in profound ways the great wisdom and creative energy long-lost Voices have to offer the Client. 

In her work, Norie works both to give verbal expression to key Voices and to teach non-verbal energetic expression.  Over the years of doing this work and studying other disciplines, she has incorporated in a variety of tools (such as a variant of EMDR) that can yield surprisingly positive results for the Client in a very short period of time. 

As a former Peace Corps Volunteer, Norie subscribes to the Peace Corps motto:

    “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day,

     Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

During even just one session, Norie gives her Clients highly effective tools they can use on their own to continue clearing out old and painful memories, as well tools to continue their own process of psycho-spiritual development.

Norie has been a professional interviewer for over 40 years and an Advanced Voice Dialog practitioner since 2002.  Voice Dialogue sessions with Norie are $75 / hour.  Clients are asked at the beginning of the session what their desired outcomes are and also if they wish to place a limit on the length of the session.  Typical sessions run between one hour and an hour and a half ($112); however, if the Client wishes, sessions can go longer.